Reclaiming Your Power

Too often, we allow ourselves to be hurt by others. Too often, we place ourselves in situations that leave us vulnerable and open to hurt and pain. But what is pain exactly? And why do we allow ourselves to feel it? Why do we allow ourselves to be constantly hurt by other people? Why give another individual that amount of power over you where they are able to hurt you with their words and actions?

What we need to realize is, that we are all, whole, absolute and powerful beings. Our happiness isn’t dependent on another individual. There is a great and indomitable power that exists deeply within the core of each of our beings, and once we take cognizance of this power, once we recognize it, access it and own it, it will make it practically impossible for anyone to even remotely hurt us or cause us any pain.

With this notion, comes the realization that ultimately, all power is internal. True, authentic power comes from within. True power does not come from the need to control, dominate and rule. That is false, pseudo-power. True power is the ability to recognize your greatness that exists within the core of your very being. Once you have accessed that greatness, it will deny people the authority to hurt you, belittle you or ridicule you. It will deny people the authority to diminish your worth. Because once you can truly understand and comprehend the true magnitude of your worth, as well as the power you possess, you will question yourself as to how you ever allowed anyone to intrude on your greatness and sacred space.

When people hurt you, it is a reflection of their character, not yours. Remember, it is human nature to love, not hurt. As humans, we have been given the freedom of choice and free will. People can actively choose to hurt you, or to love you and treat you with respect and kindness. Similarly, you can actively exercise your free will to either allow their behavior to affect you negatively, or, you can actively choose to ignore their behavior, take control of yourself as well as your feelings, and allow it to not affect you. The running theme here is the ability to exercise your free will, as well as to make positive and uplifting changes in your behavioral responses to situations, so as to elicit a positive and profound change within your personal capacity, space and environment.

You need to make yourself bulletproof against pain, fear and rejection. You need to, in stillness, realize and feel the true essence of your being. You need to realize that there is a dormant power laying deep within you, a power so great and indomitable in nature, that once you become aware of it, once you realize it, once you feel it, and once you believe it, no person, situation, life event or circumstance will ever break you. You have this innately present power, ability, and capacity to overcome every “perceived” negative situation that life throws at you. A situation is only ever bad if you perceive it that way.

Stop playing the victim, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Start actively changing your life for the better by making a conscious effort to do so. Aim for magnificence, transcend your limits, rise to greatness.

We are not mediocre beings, so why should our existence be?

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