Moving Towards Authentic Power

As mentioned in my previous post, at the core of our very being, is housed a force field of energy which is so strong. This power exists within each and every one of us, unfortunately, most of us go through life completely oblivious to this power of pure potentiality that we all possess.

In this article, I attempt to highlight a few methods that one can employ in order to access, harness and hone in on this magnificent power.

  1. Become meditative: Yes, meditation is a crucial lifestyle choice that one can adopt in order to become more conscious and fully aware of the true nature of their being, however, becoming meditative suggests a more far reaching approach in that we can become meditative in all aspects of our life. We can become meditative while eating, walking, by merely sitting and observing our surroundings. Operating constantly, in a meditative state allows us to observe the world around us actively and consciously. It enables us to become aware and conscious of the grandeur of the Universe. It brings to our attention the effortless ease with which everything in the Universe operates. Seasons transition smoothly and effortlessly. The Earth moves at such a glacial pace that it doesn’t even seem as if it is moving at all. Rivers run smoothly, unhindered and carefree in their course. Day turns to night and night into day timeously, every day, yet time is a notion that does not exist. It is only in a state of meditativeness that we come to realize the splendor, grandeur, magnificence and power of Universe and it’s Creator. And once we realize that we, as human beings are all extrapolations of this magnificent energy itself, and we realize and become aware of the interconnectedness of all that lives and exists within this Universe, we realize that the same power that created this majestic Universe is the same power that exits within us. Thus, God, the Universe, Source Energy, is a frequency that exists within us, we just have to tune into it, by becoming meditative and reaching into that indomitable power that exits within our core of our being.
  2. Spend time in nature: The reason why we should spend time in nature is because nature offers no resistance. Nature is what takes us into close proximity of what God himself has created. God is the architect of the entire Universe. Have you ever considered the enormous amount of attention that went into the creation of just a single blade of grass? No? Well, now that you are becoming increasingly meditative, I am certain that you will never look at a blade of grass the same way again. God has created this world to such perfection, with such complexity, that we as humans are required to study and examine the various facets of nature and creation in order to understand it. And with that being said, can you then just begin to imagine the sheer brilliance of that which it is that created us? Thus, spend time in nature, observe the complexity and intricacies of things we have come to take for granted. Realize that where life exists, energy exists, and where energy exists, God exists, and where God exists, you exist. Yes, you are God in human form, you possess the same power that created you, for you came directly from it, to it you are forever bound, and to it you shall return. Own this power, know that you are capable of achieving and becoming anything that you put your mind to. Your only obstacle is yourself.

Remember, the entire Universe is always conspiring in your favor. Just take the first step towards acknowledging it and realizing it, then, utilize the abundant energies of the Universe to live your greatest life yet!

To end, a wonderful quote by one of my favorite writers, Deepak Chopra, “You are not the drop in the ocean, but you are the mighty ocean in the drop itself.”


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